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Show Your Customers You’re a #CommunityPowered Utility!

As a public power utility, you focus on serving your customers and your community every day. If you want to engage your customers and the media in conversations about public power – including how they benefit from being #CommunityPowered – we have several materials that can help. Whether you want interesting statistics about public power to share, are looking for guidance on working with the media, or would like to hire a social media staff member, we have the resource for you!

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Participate in the Community Hero Poster Contest

Your community works together to make it a great place to live. As a community-owned utility, you provide power to help your community members do amazing things. We want to know: Who are the heroes in your community? Everyone has their own ideas for what makes someone a hero, and we know that your community — like every community across the country — is filled with unsung heroes. To highlight the heroes in your community, we want to hear from young people about who inspires them, boosts their spirits, and helps them and your community become better! That’s why we want the students in your community to participate in the American Public Power Association’s Community Heroes Poster Contest and show us their own #CommunityPoweredHero.

Bring #PublicPower to Tomorrow’s Customers

In 2019, we’re focusing on bringing the #publicpower message to students. Share messages, photos, or videos to Twitter or Instagram. A full collection of resources are available for you to use. Learn more about strategies to make the most of these messages and resources.

Share Energy Awareness Messages with Your Community

Messaging, social media graphics, videos, and an infographic on energy awareness for customers can be downloaded from this folder.

Show How EVs Are Good For Your Community

Copy and paste these messages to your social media channels anytime of the year or during National Electric Drive Week with the corresponding graphics in this folder 


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